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A year of revival and unbreakable spirit: successes of the 2023 season and plans for the 5th anniversary season in Dobropark

A year of revival and unbreakable spirit: successes of the 2023 season and plans for the 5th anniversary season in Dobropark

The fourth season in Dobropark became for us a symbol of revival and unbreakable spirit after the occupation of Kyiv region. What difficulties the park faced, what we managed to restore, preparations for the New Year and Christmas holidays and plans for the anniversary season in 2024, read in the material dedicated to the end of the fourth season in Dobropark.

After demining the territory that was under occupation, the park began its recovery with the restoration of locations and collections destroyed by the occupier: cherry blossom alley, flower fields, glamping town, bathing lake and beach. We managed to plant more than 2,500 trees and as of today, the number of trees in the collection is 44,000! At the same time, we began to actively restore the flower fields, preparing for the tulip and lavender season. The central lavender field, which had to be rebuilt from scratch, suffered the most. This is the same location that this year was planted with young seedlings of the Lavandin Platinum Niko variety.

Demining of Dobropark by employees of the State Emergency Service

The bathing lake and the beach area have become real saviors for our guests from the scorching sun this summer, and we are glad that we managed to prepare them just for you! At the same time, the glamping town was completely restored, and what is important, it was expanded with new positions for your comfort!

The new modular town is about comfort and solitude with nature. This year, we installed 5 modular houses, suitable for family vacations, as well as for a romantic weekend with a loved one in Dobropark. Each house has a comfortable bed, a wardrobe, a TV, a kitchen with an induction stove and all the amenities and necessary dishes, a bathroom with a sink, a toilet and a shower cabin. The houses are also equipped with a climate comfort system, have hot water, external and internal LED lighting, a small terrace and a place for making a fire, so that your evenings are extremely warm and atmospheric! We can see how much our guests liked the new houses, so next year 2024 we plan to expand this project and increase the number of houses for our guests!

Modular houses

Dobpropark is a park for family recreation, so we think about our youngest guests and take care of them! During the fourth season, we actively worked on restoring old and installing new children’s attractions. The most desirable was the restoration of the tubing slide and crossing on rafts, which both parents and children liked. In addition, a playground, swings, carousels, trampolines and many other entertainments for children were installed.

As for the plans for the fifth season in Dobropark, prepare for the summer season now! We plan to open a space of water entertainment for adults and children!

Children’s activities in Dobropark

Speaking of flower seasons in Dobropark – this is our pride, this year we held four of them, and we can say with confidence that we are proud of each one! The 2023 Tulip Season was entrusted with the greatest responsibility, because it became the first after a one-year break and all the trials that Kyiv region experienced! Thanks to our partners from the Netherlands, who gave us 136 exquisite varieties, we were able to restore our collection. Thousands of Kyiv residents and guests of the capital, who came to see the kilometer-long tulip fields, proudly called us “Ukrainian Kekenhof”. An interesting fact of the season from our gardeners:

“If you fold all the patterns into one strip, it will be 16 km of tulips!”

Tulip fields

Dobropark became the most photogenic place in Kyiv region during the lavender blooming period. It is not surprising, because we were preparing for this, and created several photo zones with thematic props at each of the four locations. Every weekend, the atmosphere of Provence was complemented by live music performed by Ukrainian musicians – playing the piano, violin and flute. And the most romantic moment of the season was a wedding ceremony in a white gazebo in the middle of a lavender field.

In the velvet season of the year, when the sun is no longer burning and the evenings are still warm, the flowering of lush and at the same time fragile flowers – hydrangeas.  More than 10,000 hydrangea bushes created a luxurious palette of colors – from bright lime green to delicate white, pink and exquisite red shades, which did not leave any visitor of the park indifferent. The most popular location was “The Valley of Hydrangeas”, where hydrangea bushes in the shape of a riverbed stretched between two hills for 400 meters and were connected by a wooden bridge.

Dobropark is not only about maintaining family values ​​and traditions, but also about development and modern views. That is why, this year during the Season of Perennial Herbs, we announced a competition among florists – “Floriada 2023”. According to the results of the competition, 10 winners were chosen, who demonstrated a remarkable professional level and added to our collection of perennials and cereals! Already next year, this season, each of the guests will be able to see the mixboards of our winners: Strawberry Lemonade, Aquarell, September Eve and others. Another good news for 2024 – we have collected a unique collection of miscanthus from all over Europe, which we will present to you next year!

Another tradition we started this year is holding an autumn and spring fair together with partner nurseries, landscape architects and designers! As part of it, you can buy the plants of your dreams, get advice on caring for them, and join the thematic lectures within the framework of the fair.

We always listen to your wishes and feedback, our visitors have repeatedly asked for another flower season so that the park works almost all year round. That is why, in the next anniversary year, we will open fields of Dutch peonies! As many as 10,000 newly planted rootstocks have already taken root in Dobropark and are preparing for next year! This will become a new location for your atmospheric and gentle photos, flowers will be sold by the cut for everyone. The opening of the season is planned for June 1, 2024!

The Dobropark team is quite actively preparing for the anniversary season of 2024, so we are already announcing the opening of the new Art space “The Great Person Park”! We have allocated 5 hectares of land for the art location, where you can see art installations that are the embodiment of modern Ukrainian art. A cascade of lakes, more than 1,500 new varieties of hydrangeas, a real coniferous forest with more than 1,000 trees, the largest collection of water lilies and much more, which we will tell you about later!

Art installation

Thank you to everyone who has been with us during the fourth season, thank you for every feedback – we listen to you and try our best to make our park even more comfortable! We are planning to open a new entrance group on the facade from the Zhytomyr highway! A large and convenient parking lot is one of the biggest questions you asked us about, so it will be provided on the new entrance group!

And finally, let’s open the curtain of the winter holidays! Dobropark will gladly open its doors again from December 1! We are preparing the park for the New Year and Christmas holidays, decorating it and announcing the largest festival of illuminations in Ukraine! We will announce more details about the work schedule, locations, activities and entertainment very soon!

Author: Anastasia Kuznetsova