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Floriada 2023 – a competition for florists

Floriada 2023 – a competition for florists

This year, Dobropark will host the “Autumn Colors” Floriade for the first time, which will be the main event of the year for gardeners, florists and landscape designers from all over Ukraine!  For three days, September 15-17, the park will host a flower fair, planting of original mixed borders, a competition to create a model garden, and lectures for participants and guests of the event.

Landscape designers and architects are given the opportunity to embody their ideas by creating an author’s mix border on the territory of Dobropark – the largest arboretum of Ukraine. The organizing committee of the park provides a location measuring 1.80 x 10 meters, for the purchase of planting materials (perennials, grasses and grasses) financial support of 5 thousand hryvnias is allocated and a guaranteed demonstration of your location on the territory of the park, where a sign with a QR code will be installed, with details about a mix boarder and its author.

Mix border in Dobropark

As of today, more than 50 applications for the creation of an author’s mix border have been submitted to the park’s organizing committee. Join the competition registration, for this, you need to send a letter to the e-mail address with a detailed description of your idea, concept and visualization of a sketch of your mix border. Applications for participation are accepted until September 17.

The project of one of the finalists of the author’s mix border competition

Many years of experience of the participants of the Floriada Fair “Autumn Colors” will give visitors the opportunity to get useful advice on plant care from real experts. The wide range of plants that you can buy, both retail and as a group, will frankly surprise you. Garden centers and nurseries from the Kyiv region and Ukraine will gather for you on September 15-17.

Florida Program 2023:

  • September 15  

14:00-19:00 – Opening of the fair 

  • September 16

10:00-19:00 – Fair work

11:00 a.m. – Gathering of participants in the contest for creating original mix borders

12:00-19:00 – Planting of mix boarders by participants in Dobropark

14:00-15:30 – Conducting of the lecture “Blueberry in your garden” by Kateryna Yevpak (deputy director for production of the “Brusvyana” nursery)

  • September 17

10:00-19:00 – Fair work

10:00-19:00 – The second day of planting of mix boarders in Dobropark

Location of the fair: Entrance area of ​​Dobropark

Preparation of tulips for planting (Archive)

The participants of Florida 2023 were:

  • Manufacturers of garden tools “Husqvarna”
  • Manufacturer of German equipment for the garden and forest “STIHL”
  • Group of companies “Club Roslyn” 
  • Garden center “Vorzel Sad”
  • Family nursery “Harny Sad”
  • Nursery “Lotus K”
  • “Garden Service” company
  • Nursery “Larysa Bolkun”
  • Berry cooperative “Agrovesna”
  • Nursery “Brusvyana”
Greenhouse of the nursery “Lotus K”

On September 16, as part of the Floriada 2023 program, a lecture will be held on the topic of “Blueberry in your garden” by Yevpak Kateryna Evgeniyvna, deputy director for production at the “Brusvyan” nursery. During the lecture, students will learn how to properly prepare for planting blueberries (selection and preparation of the site, soil preparation, irrigation, mulching); Plant care (nutrition and pest control) and time for questions and answers from the audience of the speaker’s lecture. The duration of the lecture is an hour and a half.

Also, Dorbropark and the Association of Landscape Architects of Ukraine (ALAU) are announcing another competition of landscape ideas, which will be held in the spring of 2024. As part of the project, the designers will need to create a model garden on the territory of 10*20 meters, which will receive financial support from the organizing committee of the competition in the amount of 10 thousand hryvnias. The competition will be held in three stages – registration of applications, approval of the project sketch and its implementation. Applications for participation can be sent to the e-mail address with a description of your idea and visualization of a model garden sketch. 

Author: Anastasiia Kuznietsova