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Hydrangea season 2023: A palette of beauty and tenderness

Hydrangea season 2023: A palette of beauty and tenderness

The Hydrangea Season will start very soon in Dobropark, which will last from August 1 to September 15. Read more about flower locations, varieties of hydrangeas, areas for family recreation in our material on the eve of the opening of the flower season of beauty and tenderness in Dobropark.

The Hydrangea season 2023 will surprise not only with unique locations and new varieties, but also with English roses, a collection of miscanthus, lilies and perennial herbs. In addition, the territory of the park is a real space for the implementation of creative ideas and family recreation, where everyone from the family can spend an unforgettable weekend!

Hydrangea Sweet Summer of the Magical series

The total number of planted hydrangea bushes is more than 10 thousand, and this is more than 30 varieties! Among them are Hydrangea Phantom, Skyfall, Limelight, Polar Bear, Kyushu, Fraise Melba, Vanilla Fraise, Wim’s Red, Sundae Fraise.

For true connoisseurs and lovers of hydrangeas, we would like to separately present luxurious new products of the 2023 season bred in the Netherlands – varieties of the Magical series: Andes, Candle, Mont Blanc and Sweet Summer. One of the greatest advantages of this variety is the frost resistance of the plant down to -30 °C and the extraordinary longevity of their flowering among all hydrangea species. And the stunning palette of colors fascinates at first sight – from bright light green to delicate white, pink and exquisite red shades.

This year, Dobropark presents three exquisite locations, which will be an ideal place for creating gentle and atmospheric photo sessions in the middle of exquisite hydrangeas. 

  • “Hydrangea Valley” (“River of Hydrangeas”)

A special feature of this location was the planting of more than 4,000 hydrangea bushes in the form of a river bed, which stretches between two hills for 400 meters and is connected by a wooden bridge. The combination of all varieties of this season in one place, in particular the Magical series, became the basis of the location and allowed to create a gradient effect, where hydrangeas change their color from soft white to bright red shades.

Location “Hydrangea Valley”
  • “Love is…”

A place where love merges with natural beauty, creating a unique harmony. The basis of the “Love is…” location is the stained-glass house “Visa”, which has been an ideal place for romantic evenings for a long time. Fluffy hydrangeas are planted around the house, in pale pink tones, which harmoniously combine with Siebold apple trees, creating an atmosphere of coziness and romance.

Location “Love is…”
  • “Green Labyrinth”

In the center of the location is a hornbeam maze, which we recommend every visitor to go through! Leaving it, you get to the hydrangea location, which was overrun by a wonderful variety of panicled hydrangea – Polar Bear. The density of the crowns and the height of the bushes of this variety reaches up to 2 meters, and the inflorescences, which at the beginning of flowering are colored with a greenish shade, eventually become snow-white and more than 40 cm in length, which proudly corresponds to the name of the variety!

The recommended time for passing the labyrinth is 10-15 minutes.

Location “Green Labyrinth”

For convenient orientation in the area, pay attention to the map of Dobropark, where you can easily find the way to the place you have chosen. In addition to the three main locations, hydrangea bushes are planted throughout the area, including mixed borders and the central square of the park.

Map of Dobropark

Along with hydrangeas, English roses bloom in the park, the queen of which is the climbing rose – Santana. For those who love peace and quiet, we offer you to enjoy the unparalleled beauty of water lilies Nymphaeum on Lake “Monet” and the Atrium with lilies.

Lake “Monet”

On the sunny and hot days of August, we suggest spending time actively with your family and friends in Dobropark! On the territory there is a swimming lake, a beach and barbecue area and a Dobropool swimming pool area.  For those who want to spend a weekend in the park, we offer glamping and modular houses for rent.

We pay special attention to our little visitors, so the price of the entrance ticket includes unlimited children’s entertainment – a tubing slide, a raft crossing, a children’s complex with slides, a swing, a trolley, a sports trampoline. The carousel and ferris wheel are available for an additional fee.

Tubing slide

At the end of the Hydrangea Season 2023, the administration is preparing two surprises for our visitors. The first is a flower fair where you can buy new varieties of hydrangeas. And now, we will inform about the second surprise later on the official resources of Dobropark! You will be pleasantly surprised 🙂

The park’s opening hours in the 2023 Hydrangea Season remain unchanged, from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. – every day!

You can buy tickets online at the ticket office of the park or at Concert.UA, Karabas, Tickets Box.

Author: Anastasiia Kuznietsova