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Opening of a new greenhouse complex in Dobropark

Opening of a new greenhouse complex in Dobropark

Dobropark is opening its own nursery! From now on, plants from unique collections will be available to everyone. The basis for the development of a new strategic direction was the construction of a modern greenhouse complex on the territory of the park. The launch of such a project means new capacities that allow us to grow more than a hundred thousand plants at the same time, and for our visitors and business partners it means uniqueness, quality and reliability.

Even before the full-scale invasion began, we had a significant amount of our own production, which we increased from season to season.  Proper care, timely cuttings and reproduction contributed to the increase of the collection and served as the basis for the creation of a new direction in the park – a modern greenhouse complex. However, on February 27, 2022, Dobropark was occupied by Russian troops, who completely destroyed it.

New greenhouse complex in Dobropark

During this year, we actively carried out the construction and installation of a new greenhouse. The first phase of the greenhouse complex includes six greenhouses measuring 28*50 meters. Each of them holds about 30,000 plants. Thanks to modern equipment, irrigation systems and climate control technologies that allow us to maintain the temperature in the greenhouses at 20°C, we can grow and supply plants in unlimited quantities throughout the year. That is why the installation of the second stage is planned for the spring of 2024, which will consist of three greenhouses, each 100 meters long.

New greenhouse complex in Dobropark

The assortment of the nursery includes the best varieties of lavender, hydrangea, perovskia, caryopteris and many other perennial plants that you could see in the park. However, Dobropark is most proud of its unique collection of miscanthus and grasses, which was collected from all over Europe and includes more than 100 varieties! Therefore, we have great news for our customers and business partners, pre-orders for spring 2024 are now open.

The process of miscanthus planting

The entire assortment of plants that can be purchased at our Dobropark nursery is presented in the “Plant Seedlings” section on our website. There you will find everything you need to know about your chosen plant, from its appearance to care and planting requirements. The minimum order through the site is UAH 500, all orders will be delivered by mail.

Miscanthus seedlings

For customers who prefer to choose and buy plants in person, we are happy to invite you to be the first visitors after the launch of our nursery Dobropark! We invite you to visit us in March and get personal advice from our gardeners on plant care!

Lavandin Grosso

The greenhouse complex is located near the new entrance area from the Zhytomyr highway, which will be launched in the spring of 2024! The new entrance area will have a convenient entrance and ample parking and will be available with the start of the tulip season in the month of April.

Palava pike

We also invite business partners to cooperate in the field of wholesale purchases of plants! Our nursery offers a wide selection of plants that can be purchased in bulk to fulfil your wildest ideas. We guarantee high product quality and flexible terms of cooperation. For wholesale orders, contact +38 (067) 239-11-11.

Author: Anastasia Kuznetsova