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What to See and Do During Lavender Season 2024

What to See and Do During Lavender Season 2024

The Lavender Season is in full swing in Dobropark, which will last until July 28. Kyiv residents and guests of the capital have a great opportunity to spend time with their loved ones and enjoy the beauty of incredible landscapes 30 km from Kyiv.

This year, for the Lavender Season, the organizers presented a new entrance point with a convenient entrance from the Zhytomyr highway, which is hard not to notice when passing by. In total, it accommodates more than 700 cars.

A New Entrance From the Side of the Zhytomyr Highway

Speaking of lavender locations, this year there are four of them in the park, each of which is special in its own way – lavender varieties, photo zones and plant planting architecture. The first location of Dobropark impresses with a 10,000 lavender ocean of narrow-leaved lavender in the middle of which stands a beautiful brown gazebo. This location is the center of events and musical evenings in the park during the season.


The location “Tuscanyā€¯ surprises with a lavender variety, the inflorescence of which is distinguished by its aromatic properties and the length of the stem is 70 cm high! Topiary-shaped trees expertly cut into decorative shapes will complement the aesthetics of the Italian oasis.

The main lavender field is the central location of the park, stretches across the park with five kilometers of lavender strips and has the most popular photo zone among visitors – the Lavender Circle.

Lavender Circle

A romantic location with a white gazebo in the center was created for special moments in the lives of our visitors, for wedding ceremonies and solemn events. This is the most delicate location, which is decorated by the luxurious variety Felice, the characteristic of which is large flowers.

In preparation for the lavender season, the team searched for the best lavender varieties, the main selection criteria of which were endurance to our climatic conditions, namely the ability to withstand drought and winter hardiness in our region. In addition, we took into account the criteria of color, inflorescence length and aromatic properties of each variety. Among all the presented varieties, the selection was successfully completed – lavender narrow-leaved Angustifolia, lavandine Platinum Niko, Grosso, lavender Hidcote Blue and Felice.

For lovers of beach recreation, a bathing lake was opened in Dobropark this year that is available to all visitors of the park. In addition, there is a Dobropool swimming pool complex with a restaurant on the territory. The size of the pool is 26*6 m, where the maximum depth of the adult zone of the pool is 150 cm, and the children’s zone is 50 cm.

Bathing Lake in Dobropark

There is a modular town on the territory of the park, each house has all the necessary amenities for a long and comfortable stay, including a kitchen and a bathroom. Also this year, the glamping town was updated, which is now equipped with a stove, all the necessary dishes, a refrigerator, and more. Each cabin and glamping site has its own barbecue area. There is also a food court area on the territory of the park, where you can try pizza, burgers, craft waffles, cool lemonades and much more.

Modular House

For active recreation for adults and children, there are electric bicycle rentals, electric car tours, a tubing slide, a carousel, a Ferris wheel, rafting and other entertainment, most of which are included in the ticket price. There are also fair houses on the territory of the park where you can buy lavender bouquets and craft products made from our raw materials.

Author: Anastasia Kuznetsova